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First school doodle :iconshadowlover100:shadowlover100 1 0
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Virus :iconshadowlover100:shadowlover100 1 4
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why are you my clarity :icondreamydark:dreamydark 14 22 Nishiki Nishio (Tokyo Ghoul) :iconp1zz4-m0nst3r:P1ZZ4-M0NST3R 5 15 the worst senpai ever :icondreamydark:dreamydark 41 11 Ghirahim's trip to Hot Topic - Part 1 :iconblurrdurr:BLURRDURR 36 2 Yandere Chan wat :icontwilightangeltm:TwilightAngelTM 117 31
Fear the Boogeyman: Boogeyman Levi x Reader Chp.3
“Leaving so soon?” Said the dark voice with a hint of malice.
Still on the floor, (Y/N) quickly whips her head to look behind her and she is greeted by an extremely tall sinister cloaked figure. (Y/N) couldn’t see the face, for he had a hood over his head, he crept closer and closer to her frozen stiff form. Once he came to a halt and was close enough in front of (Y/N), he removed his hood and stared down at her as if she were a piece of meat with those terrifying soulless blue orbs.
She couldn’t believe her eyes, it was him; it was Levi. Though she remembered him being a lot shorter, now he looked to be about 3 meters tall. He seemed to take notice at her gazing at him at the different appearance he now bore, with that he sneered at the child.
“I bet your wondering how I’ve gotten so tall, right (Y/N)?” Asked Levi.
The only response she gave him was a shaky nod, for she was a bit curious.
“ Well, while you’ve had your beloved mothe
:iconpeazil:Peazil 19 7
Fear the Boogeyman: Boogeyman Levi x Reader Chp.1
Ever since she was just a child at the sweet innocent age of five, (Y/N) has always had a fear of the dark. Though more importantly, what lurks in the darkness. That one night changed everything, to where she developed a crippling fear of the dark. That was the night that “he” decided to pay her a visit.
That one night that (Y/N) was warm and cozy in her bed, sleeping soundly without the comfort of a nightlight to help feel secure. Was the night that the Boogeyman would pay her a visit. A smoky black shadow crept out from under her bed, it began to take the shape of a man; though very short in stature. He was now standing right next to the side of (Y/N’s) bed, staring down at her.
“Well, lets see what you fear little one.” Whispered the sister being.
As he invaded (Y/N’s) mind for her greatest fears, (Y/N) began to stir then suddenly she awoken. Her sight landed on the sinister man next to her. She gasped in fright and jolted sitting straight up, wit
:iconpeazil:Peazil 22 14
Sadistic Vampire Levi x Reader Chp. V
As the hours pass, (Y/N) grew concerned for her friend Mikasa. No one knew where she was, but (Y/N) had a feeling that Levi may know. While Levi was in a meeting with Commander Erwin and Squad Leader Hange, (Y/N) decided to snoop a bit in Levi’s office.
She crept up to the door, and to her surprise; it is unlocked. Slowly entering the lair of the beast and proceeding with caution. (Y/N) began to look around, and took notice of the two other doors in his office. She knew the door on the right was his sleeping quarters, though had no idea what lies beyond the door.
There was a big huge lock on the door to the left, looking around Levi’s desk. “He must have a of key somewhere.” Whispered (Y/N).
Looking through his desk, she eventually found a small set of keys. Walking up to the door, trying each of the keys until she heard a click. She then slowly entered, closing the door behind her and walked down the set of stairs. As she was descending down what seemed like he
:iconpeazil:Peazil 11 4
Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon :icongold94chica:gold94chica 1,182 342
Mature content
Evil Naga!Levi X Female Reader Insert-Chp.2 :iconpeazil:Peazil 30 3
Mature content
Evil Naga Levi x Reader: Rewritten Chp.II :iconpeazil:Peazil 7 9
The Occult Megane :iconvirtually3d:Virtually3D 6 3 Ocult Club Member 2 Daku Atsu :iconhtffurry64:htffurry64 22 0 .:That New Occult Dipspit:. :iconoctosexbang:octosexbang 19 1 Taro in Occult club :iconsaladmilk:SaladMilk 13 4
Snaking Dread [Naga AU][Samesize][SNK Vore]
The last thing Eren suspected was snakes, yet here he was.
The boy hadn't meant to spend long in the rainforest - a simple in-out situation would've done. He'd simply been asked to take on a mission from the local scientist, Hanji, to collect some data and specimens of this part of the world. At first Eren had agreed eagerly, for this would of course be a fascinating place to visit. Though as time wore on, his enthusiasm of his travels dwindled; he'd found himself hungry many nights when the food he collected wasn't enough, and with no other signs of civilization in the area there wasn't much he could do about it. In fact, that was the very reason he'd been about - after hunger had claimed him for yet another night, he'd tiptoed out at the crack of dawn in search of food. Needless to say, with his current situation, he needed to be more careful.
A snapped twig from his foot had clearly drawn attention - the moment he stepped back, a pair of luminous cyan eyes gazed out at him, and from
:iconredlasunshowers029:RedlaSunShowers029 23 2


The result of boredom.
Nope, I don't have a better name for it. Its on a sheet I used while translating something from Latin into English during a Photography class. I was just really bored and my friend like the first few doodles I made of Dr.Schlange interacting with some UT characters... So yeah. Just to also note that is the first time I tried drawing Asgore and Papyrus - Toriel I've only drawn 4 times.
Hey look what I can do now?
No I'm not coming to DA yet but I feel like I should show you what I can do now. I'll admit I used a base but I sketched it out onto a note pad. But yeah I have a scanner now and I feel I'm a better artist now but I don't know if I'll ever return here due to personal reasons. So from left to right you have Nightmare/ Smog, (My medic) Medi, and a thing from my nightmares that I made into a a more humanoid creature - Nightmare Sock puppet.


.... Can't be myself with out fear of being rejected
United Kingdom
In just two word I can summon up my self ... And that would be shy, and regretful :ashamed:
In a way I'm like a new hatched snake sent out into the world (of art) and is afraid of being eaten... In a basic way I'm just paranoid .... About every thing I do ... I'm afraid of slipping up ... Just being honest is making me feel scared
but im not staying for long... this is just one of the small times, ill be coming a going as i please 
As ive noticed the art i put no effort in gets attention while the others get ignored 
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